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HELP! Novice needing some help

Hi there

I have decided on a career change into cyber security. I'm currently working full time as a chef and have done so for the past 13 years. I have enrolled on the cyber security course and im struggling with my mock exams for the comptia a+. I have passed some and failed some. Have any of you guys got any tips and advice for a total novice in IT on how I can progress? Thanks in advance


  • Vicki_LearningPeople
    Vicki_LearningPeople Administrator Learning People Team
    Hi @Alexbunn89, thank you for posting your first discussion! We have a bunch of fantastic cyber security graduates and certified graduates that would be able to help you. @Sam_L or @jason would you have any advice you could share?
  • Big_Juan
    Big_Juan Scotland Certified Graduate

    When you review the answers after a mock exam, take a screen shot of the Question and Answer Combo. I'm like @jason I bought books, get the eBooks then they can be stored on a phone or tablet and can be taken anywhere. Save the screenshots to the phone/tablet and just reference the books or a trusted internet site. Don't forget you have access to the lectures in written form too. You also have an online mentor to ask questions and guidance. By taking a screenshot of the question/answer combo you can constantly refer to it without trying to remember what you got wrong. By the way, don't look at the mock exam question fails as a failure, any questions that you get wrong are guidance for passing the exam.

  • SSwan
    SSwan BournemouthCertified Graduate

    With any mock test remember it is not a true reflection of the exam so never try and memorise a question and answer. Instead make a note of the questions you got wrong and research why you got it wrong and understand the concept that the question is trying to test you on. That way if a question is asked in 10 different ways you will still get a correct answer because you now understand the concept.

    In regards to resources you can grab books, and there are some very good videos on Udemy that can assist with your learning (PM me if you want to know a good trainer on Udemy). Also use google, it is your friend and can really help when looking into concepts as well as using you tube for practical demos of building PC's.

    Another recommendation is to look at the game "PC Building Simulator" on steam, its currently £14.99 and although you don't get a real feel of having a PC in front of you (As it is a game), it will help increase you knowledge on the different parts of a computer and how to fault find issues.

    For any other advice let me know I am happy to help.

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