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Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the Learning People Alumni Community. This group is for students and alumni to support one another, motivate each other during studies, and provide ongoing support into the jobs market. 

We encourage sharing your industry knowledge and skills, and to help other students where requested. You should share relevant industry news articles, jobs vacancies, events, mentoring opportunities and work experience. We hope you can create a strong student support network but please be advised there are some rules to follow. Any rules which are violated will result in the student being removed from the group. Admins reserve the right to remove members from this group without notice. Members may be given a warning if they breach the guidelines, but repeated warnings may result in their removal from the group.

Please note, all posts will await approval from our team of moderators before being published. The 'Your training journey' and 'Success Stories' discussions are public for guests to see, but 'Career Services' and 'Networking opportunities' discussions are private and require community membership to view and comment. Please bear this in mind when sharing content. Please also exercise caution when sharing your personal details online.

When setting up your profile, we do ask you to use your real details where possible, as this can help build your real-life professional network, beneficial for employment purposes. 

Be kind and courteous

We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. We understand it can be nerve-wracking to post on an online forum and build your network of peers, so let’s ensure we are supporting everyone at all times. Please be respectful of your fellow alumni and students. Please do not swear. 

We are proud to have a diverse group of professionals studying with us, all who speak a variety of languages alongside English. With this in mind, please consider that humour, tone of voice, and English idioms may not always translate as intended. If you are unsure, please assume the best intentions with each post.

No hate speech or bullying

We do not tolerate hate speech of any kind towards an individual, their race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity. We do not tolerate abuse, harassment, violence or shaming. Anyone breaching this will be immediately removed. 

No promotions or spam

You must not advertise or promote your own business or sell any personal goods or services on this platform. Any spam or affiliate links will be removed. 

Privacy and confidentiality

Please be mindful when sharing your personal contact details to other members of the group. We endeavour connections will be made between students, between employers and between mentors, but please ensure personal details and data is kept secure and not shared with third parties.

When you register you are allocated an avatar by the forum. Many members choose to change this to a photo or a picture chosen by themselves. Please make sure this is suitable and appropriate for the Alumni community.

We suggest you also keep personal information such as course finances, enrolment contracts and discussions from your consultation call confidential for privacy purposes.

No sharing course content or details

You must not sell, share, copy, or gain access to course content which is not explicitly granted to you through your own license. You must not sell or share your personal login details, or any part of your license. All course materials are protected by copyright and are intended only for your individual learning purposes.

Discussion topics

We are pleased to encourage discussions, share advice and support each other throughout our studies in the technology and project management industries. Please ensure content is relevant to this group and to our students and alumni. Please aim to keep comments about Learning People and our students, courses and suppliers positive. If you do have an issue please contact us directly so we can best resolve this for you. 

You are responsible for the links you share, but please note, our moderators have the right to remove links which we consider inappropriate. Please share information from credible sources, and ensure links shared are safe and secure for other users to open. 

Where to get help from Learning People

If you have a query about your studies, your exams, your license and require assistance, please email [email protected]

If you have a query about your career, updating your CV, LinkedIn profile or cover letters, please email [email protected] 

How do I report a post?

If you need to report a post to the moderators, please click the Flag icon under the post you wish to report and select ‘Report’. Our moderators will see your report, but it will be invisible to the rest of the community. You can then choose the reason you’re reporting the post and add notes which will help moderators deal with the report request. 

Posts which you feel are spam or abuse can be marked as such under the Flag header.

If someone is sending you inappropriate private messages, please take screenshots and email them to [email protected] for the moderator team to manage. 

Please ask if you have any further questions and we hope you enjoy our community.

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