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Home Exam

Big_Juan Scotland Certified Graduate

I done my last exam Security + at home. It was an absolute nightmare! Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same as my self?

I thought the room had been setup ok, tested it several times before the exam and everything went ok. On the day though.....started the exam registration process...used my phone, got through the pics and then my phone refused to receive/respond to Comptia text messages. I had my iPad down stairs and luckily I was able to complete the registration off of that. The Performance based questions were a nightmare too, they displayed on about a third of a 17" screen. then, to confuse matters, they had a slider that covered half the question, used funny colours and fonts to make the scenario difficult to read. I never used the online writing app, just thought it would be too much to try and use in an exam. So the question is this, I used a 17" laptop to sit my last exam and the overall experience was a night mare. Even had lawnmowers and a dogfight going on through the exam, and of course you have to keep your face positioned in a square!! I thought they would invalidate the exam whilst I was sitting it. So for me the real question is.....anybody got a well trusted screen size or hardware platform, that works well with the Comptia home exams? Comptia say that the exam should be able to be sat on a iPad/Tablet device. When you consider that you just don't know what the performance questions will hit you with....Font type/colour/sliders that cover a network diags etc....I'm not too keen to use my laptop again, or anything smaller!! Just wish the test centres would open again....better environment for the exam and you get writing materials!!

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