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Getting started with ranks, badges and points

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To make the most of our Alumni community, and generate valuable discussion and insight into the tech industry, we’ve introduced a ranking system. 

When you first join the Alumni, you’ll start as a Beginner, before moving through to Novice, Pro, Expert and Thought Leader

To level up, simply gain more points by reacting to posts. You can Like, Agree with, add Insight, or Up Vote on what others are saying. The more you react and engage on the platform, the more points you'll get. 

By reacting more and engaging with more content, you'll also be eligible for badges which show just how engaged you are with the platform.

Plus, our moderators will award members with bespoke badges to anyone we think is making an effort to demonstrate and share their skills with other members. Look out for Project Management Pro, Coding Pro, IT Pro and Cyber Security Pro badges.

Most of all, we want you to have fun, share your knowledge and make new professional connections.

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