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Interview with Simon Clements from IBM about what the tech industry is looking for

Steve_Dhiman Learning People Employee Learning People Team
edited October 2020 in Tech news

Check out this video with Simon Clements from IBM as he discusses confidence and the power of our differences in skills and capabilities.

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  • Jonno Cox
    Jonno Cox Administrator Learning People Team
    edited October 2020

    I totally agree that a successful company is built on utilising the varied skill set of its people.

    However if you don't feel confident in your skill set, then that could and probably will translate across into the job you apply for and you'll be found out at some point. That goes for the people who manage to blag their way through life too! For the majority of tech positions, you generally need to be trained to complete the task and if you can't do it, you'll soon be found out.

    The probability is that you won't get hired if you don't have the right skills for the job. It's important to always learn within the role and grow your skills, but you shouldn't be applying for a role until your confident you can do it in my opinion. Confidence comes through validation via a portfolio or passing the relevant exams. Then it's lot easier to blitz your interviews. Be confident and showcase your skills!

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