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How do you prepare for an exam?

Vicki_LearningPeople Administrator Learning People Team

It's so important to make sure you feel confident when it comes to sitting your exams.

Help and inspire other students by sharing your top tips for preparing for an exam below.



  • Jenny_LearningPeople
    Jenny_LearningPeople BrightonAdministrator Learning People Team

    We've put together some of our top tips on preparing for an exam in this helpful blog post: https://blog.learningpeople.com/top-exam-tips-how-to-pass-your-online-training-course-exam

  • Claire_LP
    Claire_LP UKAdministrator Learning People Team
    edited October 2020

    Earlier this year, I studied for a diploma through Learning People and my most effective method for exam preparation was to transcribe my notes to flash cards and read through them for an hour every day, for the two weeks leading up to my exam. I also went back through project work I'd completed on the course, so that in my head I was referring back to experiences and not just theories. Did the trick for me!

  • Sam_L
    Sam_L Northern Ireland Certified Graduate

    I'm one of those strange people who remember best by writing / typing what info I am trying to learn. Flash cards are good, but unless I write down my answer (instead of just say it) it seems to float out of my head!

    For exams that provide you with exam objectives (like comptia do) I fire up onenote, set a tab for each objective, then take notes on each and every bullet point / topic. The first look over, notes are simply what I already know or think the answer is. Second time around I fire up google/books/YouTube etc and put in better more detailed into. Then review that and add more.

  • SamL
    SamL BristolGraduate
    @Sam_L Im the same :D Although since a kid i've never written down any workings for maths :#
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